A Super Bowl that particularly spoiled us

GLENDALE, Ariz. — Even by trendy Super Bowl requirements, what occurred on Sunday was additional. Even by Arizona Super Bowl requirements, it was extra. Even by Patrick Mahomes’ requirements? Well, you noticed it too — you inform me.

And should you did not see Super Bowl LVII, I’m actually, genuinely sorry, since you missed a sport and an event for which solely the spiciest superlatives will do, a Super Bowl to be remembered without end amid a stretch of epic NFL title-deciders that’s starting to defy perception.

Football followers, we’re spoiled proper now. And would not it really feel good?

Dating again to 2008, additionally when Glendale performed host, proper up till the 38-35 white-knuckle trip between Mahomes’ Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles, the large sport is on an almighty tear.

This? This was even higher than most.

What occurred on Sunday evening is not regular. If it was the primary soccer sport you have ever watched, sorry once more, since you’re ruined without end. In the constructing that noticed David Tyree’s catch and Malcolm Butler’s decide, Mahomes and Jalen Hurts threw haymakers at one another and by no means let up.

Greatest ever? It is actually a contender, for all kinds of causes.

Chiefs defeat Eagles in Super Bowl LVII; Patrick Mahomes wins SB MVP

Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe determine if a flag should’ve been thrown and react to Chiefs’ Super Bowl win.

Remember when the Super Bowl always seemed to be a blowout? When the odds were better than even that the contest might be a snoozer, but hey, at least the halftime show would likely be good?

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If you can’t recall that time, it is hard to blame you, because we are now a decade and a half into the annual fiesta almost always providing something truly memorable, with a teensy handful of exceptions.

The events of Sunday night, then, aren’t necessarily an outlier, but this was especially special — that’s clumsily phrased, but there are only a few descriptors that begin to do it justice. Mahomes and Hurts had more than 600 yards collectively, and seven touchdowns, with Mahomes throwing darts and envisioning tricks and hobbling along, and Hurts creating options with his imagination and arm, then scoring most often with his legs.

The drama was spellbinding and would have been even more so if not for that painful last holding call. There were huge plays, controversial calls and a moment of weakness from Hurts — a chaotic fumble — that somehow only emboldened your appreciation of his character, so strong was the response.

Jalen Hurts, Eagles come up short in Super Bowl LVII after dominating the NFC

Jalen Hurts, Eagles come up short in Super Bowl LVII after dominating the NFC

Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe predict how long the Eagles will dominate the NFC.

I don’t know how many people were at both the Super Bowl and the FIFA World Cup final in December, but I feel immensely fortunate to be among that number, two all-time blockbusters separated by just 55 days.

The world game’s biggest showcase was incredible, as Lionel Messi and Kylian Mbappe dueled in a battle for the ages, between guys of vastly different ages. America’s game responded in kind.

Sometimes recency bias comes into play, but it is hard to imagine how the luster of this game will fade any with passing years. Maybe it will be the opposite, for things got so frenetic as Sunday evening wore on that it was difficult to keep up, with no time to marvel at one piece of magic before the next rolled in.

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Will this be seen as the catalyst for Mahomes to start moving in the direction of serial Super Bowl-winning QBs? With Hurts use this as a springboard for his own true stardom? Or maybe it is just a moment to be taken in isolation, appreciated for its own significance instead of anything to come later. There were a lot of questions there, so here’s some more.

Will Patrick Mahomes surpass Tom Brady as the GOAT QB?

Will Patrick Mahomes surpass Tom Brady as the GOAT QB?

Shannon Sharpe decides on whether Mahomes can do it.

First, what next? Can the Daytona 500 conjure an afternoon of thrills and edge-of-seat twists this weekend? With the Final Four offer something Christian Laettner-esque, or better? Is an NBA Finals Game 7 spectacular in the cards?

And, if the answer to any of the above is yes, can we handle all this excitement?

Of course we can, we must just remember to breathe. Go ahead sports, spoil us some more.

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