Imran Khan: Former Pakistan chief marks court docket presence as supporters conflict with police

Islamabad, Pakistan

Pakistan’s former Prime Minister Imran Khan marked his presence at a much-awaited court docket look on Saturday within the capital metropolis of Islamabad, leaving after the scheduled proceedings.

Clashes between supporters of Khan and the police broke out in Islamabad as Khan tried to enter the capital’s High Court. Clashes additionally broke out within the metropolis of Lahore.

An arrest warrant for Khan was issued on Monday, requiring him to current earlier than the court docket on Saturday. Following every week of clashes throughout the nation, all arrest warrants towards Khan had been suspended on Friday after Khan had made a dedication that he would seem in court docket.

On Saturday, capital authorities imposed an order that makes any gathering of greater than 4 folks an unlawful offense. Khan left town of Lahore early Saturday morning to achieve Islamabad by highway. He traveled with a convoy of a whole bunch of supporters.

A high-security judicial advanced had been assigned for Khan’s look on the outskirts of the capital, with a whole bunch of riot police deployed within the space. Islamabad police stated in a tweet that upon arrival on the advanced, Khan’s supporters started to “pelt the police with stones,” and police responded with tear gasoline.

Khan made his look after ready 5 hours to enter the judicial advanced.

In an audio message despatched by Khan to journalists, Khan stated that he had been “waiting outside the [judicial complex’s] door” and had been “fully trying to enter” however the police’s use of teargas makes plainly “they don’t want” him to achieve court docket.

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Separately within the metropolis of Lahore, Khan’s residence was raided by the police with bulldozers eradicating camps that had been arrange by Imran Khan’s supporters. The Minister for Interior Rana Sanaullah stated in a press convention that the police operation at Khan’s residence was performed to “clear no-go areas” and to “arrest miscreants hiding inside.”

Khan’s workforce claimed that solely Khan’s spouse and home employees have been current contained in the residence when the raid occurred.