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Jack White Torches Elon Musk’s ‘A**hole Move’ With Scathing KKK Analogy

Rock star Jack White tore into billionaire Twitter proprietor Elon Musk on Monday for permitting former President Donald Trump again onto the social media platform.

“Absolutely disgusting, Elon. That is officially an asshole move,” The White Stripes founder wrote to Musk on Instagram.

White accused Musk of “trying to help a fascist have a platform so you can eventually get your tax breaks,” saying he was “a believer in free speech” however wouldn’t “let the KKK hold a rally at our record label’s performance stage.”

“That’s one of the platforms we control and have a say in, it’s not town square operated by the government,” he defined. “And if I owned a gas station, I wouldn’t be selling the KKK gasoline to burn crosses either and then wash my hands as if I didn’t help facilitate hatred.”

Jack White, left, has slammed Elon Musk, proper, for permitting Donald Trump again onto Twitter.

“You took on a big responsibility with your purchase, and ‘free speech’ isn’t some umbrella that protects you from that,” White warned.

The musician acknowledged his earlier assist of Musk and his work with electrical automaker Tesla.

Musk deserved “a lot of compliments in that department,” mentioned White.

But the entrepreneur had now “gone too far” utilizing his energy “to promote horrible, violence-inducing liars who are taking the country and the world backwards and endangering the democracy that made you rich and successful in the first place.”

Read White’s full message to Musk right here.



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