Letters: Kade West and Cerritos College deserved higher

The motivation, guts, and dedication of deaf/autistic athlete Kade West, and his embrace of the game of basketball with the center of a champion, was completely heartwarming and touching. The humanity of his endearing coach, Russ May, was so admirable.

On the opposite hand, the idiotic incompetence of the California Community College Athletic Assn. was beautiful and infuriating.

Rick Solomon
Lake Balboa


I applaud Mr. Plaschke for his astute article about Kade West taking part in for Cerritos College. Perhaps we have to redefine what successful actually is and when a “forfeiture” is clearly value it.

Susan Obler


Heartbreaking learn. Kudos to educate Russ May, his group, and true basketball star Kade West. To the CCCAA, “Any fool can make a rule and any fool will mind it.” (H.D. Thoreau).

Tom Northam


At the very least, these 12 CCCAA board members ought to all resign. And I assumed I hated the NCAA.

Susan Kovinsky

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