LL Cool J takes NCIS agent Sam Hanna from L.A. to Hawaii

Special agent Sam Hanna is back on “NCIS.”

LL Cool J‘s “NCIS: Los Angeles” character made a surprise cameo Monday during the Season 2 finale of “NCIS: Hawai’i.” And CBS has confirmed that he’ll reprise the role as a recurring guest star in the upcoming third season of the spin-off.

“Couldn’t keep Sam Hanna off the case for too long!!” the actor and rapper wrote Monday on Instagram.

The latest episode of “NCIS: Hawai’i” saw Hanna travel from Morocco to Venezuela to help NCIS agent Jane Tennant (Vanessa Lachey) and FBI agent Kate Whistler (Tori Anderson), who were under attack in the South American country. LL Cool J last appeared in the 10th season of “NCIS: Los Angeles,” which concluded in March after 14 seasons.

“All of us at NCIS: HAWAI’I have been huge fans of LL COOL J for years and couldn’t be more thrilled or honored to be adding his spectacular talent to our ohana for season three,” executive producers Matt Bosack, Jan Nash and Christopher Silber said in a statement.

“We have had so much fun spreading the aloha to NCIS and NCIS: LA with the triple crossover,” Lachey added. “Now, we have the amazing opportunity to bring Sam Hanna to Hawai’i to help the island solve some cases and maybe have a few laughs in the process. … It’s going to be a fun ride!”

CBS tapped LL Cool J to star in “NCIS: Los Angeles” in 2009 after the Grammy winner made his “NCIS” debut in the franchise’s flagship series the same year. He spoke with The Times about his experience working on the show in 2010.

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“For me, running, jumping, playing a Navy SEAL and getting to play with a lot of big toys — it’s fun,” he said. “I’m having a good time.”