Thousands and thousands Watched ‘The Tremendous Mario Bros. Film’ On Twitter

The massively successful “Super Mario Bros. Movie” was leaked, and millions of Twitter users were able to see all 1 hour and 32 minutes of it.

The adventure fantasy movie based on Nintendo’s Mario video game franchise, hit theaters on April 5, but just weeks later, a full-length version of the flick was uploaded to the social media platform, The Verge reports.

Posted in two parts — one hourlong part and the remaining half hour — the upload of “The Super Mario Bros. Movie” came amid Twitter’s ongoing saga of copyright issues.

After the video made rounds on the app for two days, reportedly garnering more than 9 million views, Twitter seemingly finally caught wind of the viral leak and deleted the video due to copyright infringement.

Naturally, hordes of Twitter users shared their reactions to the ordeal.

This month “The Super Mario Bros. Movie” became the first film of the year to surpass the $1 billion milestone globally at the box office, just 26 days after its release. It also earned the title as the highest-grossing on-screen video game adaptation ever.

The hit film isn’t the only film that has been illegally uploaded to Twitter. In November, several movies, including “The Fast and the Furious: Toyko Drift” and “Hackers,” were posted to the app.

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